Price Chopper Rebranding

price chopperVERMONT - The supermarket chain Price Chopper has made plans to change the name of their stores in a rebranding move, that will cost around $300 million.

 The Golub Corp. plans on changing the Price Chopper name to Market 32. In a press conference Tuesday morning, the Schenectady-based chain announced their plans for the future of the supermarket chain. The CEO, Jerry Golub explained that the name Market 32 was based off of the fact that the company was founded by Bill and Ben Golub back in 1932.

Golub believes that it will probably take up to eight or nine years to complete the rebranding all of their stores. "Low prices will be at the forefront of what we continue to do. It's our intent to eventually change over all our stores."

The stores in Saratoga County's Clifton Park and Wilton in New York, will be the first stores rebranded to bear the Market 32 name. As well as a third store in Pittsfield, Mass. Over the next 18 months 10 to 15 stores will be modernized to offer new services and products. Within the next five years more than half of the company's stores will be updated.

Sutton, Mass. will be the first town to have a new supermarket with the new name.

Golub said that the goal is to eventually get rid of the Price Chopper name from their stores and logo all together. But in the mean time the words "by Price Chopper," will be kept in the logo of Market 32 because customers have grown used to it.

A new name isn't the only change this supermarket chain is going to see. There are also plans to update the stores with a new design. No details about what that entails have been released at this time.

Price Chopper has stores throughout the Northeast, in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.