Legalize Marijuana

potVERMONT- Since the propaganda film "Reefer Madness" was released in the 1920's Marijuana has become one of the most loved and hated drugs in America. Weed has always gotten mixed reviews; some people use to to relax, some people use it for medicine and some people swear that it's harmful to ingest.


Vermont might be one of the states to join the four that have legalized recreational use of Marijuana. Since 2003 medical use of Marijuana has been legalized, but there are only two dispensaries in the state and you have to find a doctor willing to prescribe a dosage of medical marijuana to you.

Generally to be prescribed marijuana for medical use you have to have glaucoma, certain cancers or disabilities where appetite is lost, be an amputee, or have a serious medical condition that causes constant pain or nausea.

Third term governor Peter Shumlin stated that he "would rather see Vermont’s resources go to fighting drugs that destroy lives and families that to use the states limited resources to fight recreational Marijuana." Seeing how Vermont's latest problem has been its growing heroin addict population Shumlin is not alone in his thinking; both candidates for VT Governor have said that they would approve Marijuana legalization for the state.

In April medical Marijuana usage went up by 87% in Vermont and before the recent election 52% of Vermonters polled said that they were for the legalization of recreational use of Cannabis.

Along with Shumlin Vermont senator Joe Benning was a big supporter of the legalization bill two years ago and still stands by what he said back then. "Marijuana is still considered a schedule one drug on the federal roles, and that's been an obstacle for both Colorado and Washington. They're kind of walking on egg shells waiting to see what, if anything the feds want to do about it. If the reds relax that law is suspect, strongly Vermont will be following right after that with the legalization."

Changes for Vermont Marijuana legalization could start happening as early as 2016 and a Marijuana dispensary has been talked about being built in Newport, Vermont as well.