Ebola Scare

ebola in vermontVERMONT- A man from Vermont has been quarantined after returning to the United States from West Africa yesterday afternoon. After landing at JFK he was escorted by law enforcement back to Vermont.

 A press conference was held at around 2 o'clock this afternoon at the Department of Health regarding the process of keeping this man monitored.

Governor Peter Shumlin is not releasing the man's location or his identity. However Shumlin says that the man is being kept in Vermont, in a house that is being provided by the state. The man is not being kept in a healthcare facility, but there are police and healthcare workers watching over him.

This man was in Guinea in Sierra Leone for about one month. According to Shumlin, "We don't know exactly where he was or what he did in West Africa." The man claims that he was researching Ebola. He has not shown any symptoms of the virus, and it is said that he is low risk for the disease. He decided to volunteer to be quarantined for 21 days.

While the man was in West Africa he claimed that he was a health care professional. According to Shumlin, he is not certified in health care.

Patsy Kelso, the State Epidemiologist for Infectious Disease said, "If symptoms develop, we will consult with health care providers. We have already made contact with providers." The man was screened when he landed at JFK. But Kelso said, "There was no public health reason to quarantine him at the airport."

The healthcare workers that are currently watching over the man are not using any protective gear while caring for the patient. Shumlin explained, "There is no health risk to Vermonters."

Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Health, Tracy Dolan stated, "The state has been preparing for weeks for the possibility of this patient. At this time he is low risk."