What HS Sports Playoffs Look Like

VERMONT - The Vermont Principles Association says that all winter sports will have some form of playoff season this year.  The season began back on February 12th for both Basketball and Hockey, after their 2020 playoff seasons ended abruptly in early March due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the season starting over a month later than its usual start day, the Vermont Principles Association has decided to make all playoffs for this winter an open tournament.

"No matter how many games a team has played, they will be eligible to compete in the playoff tournament," said Associate Executive Director for the VPA, Bob Johnson. Johnson says he expects teams to have an eight or ten game season, possibly even less. Which he says is fine; you still will be eligible to compete.  


They are looking into hosting all four divisional basketball championships and semifinal games for both girls and boys at the Barre Auditorium. UVM will not be a neutral site for basketball division one semifinal games, or championships this year, nor will Gutterson field house for hockey semifinals and championships.


Johnson says, "this was expected, as Covid-19 has closed the University of Vermont's campus and facilities to the public."  


Johnson and the VPA say they are still searching for a neutral site to host the semifinals and championships for hockey, and they hope to announce a location soon, if the Barre Auditorium will not allow them to host championship games. Johnson tells us they will have to find a school that is willing to host as a neutral site if that may occur. 


The seasons are expected to wrap up the week of March 13th, with the playoff season getting underway the final week of March.