Ryegate Town Meeting Results

RYEGATE- The Town of Ryegate's $1,059,631 budget was approved by unanimous voice vote and without any resident questions or comments in a quick and upbeat town meeting this Tuesday. Most other items on the agenda were also passed unanimously, including the exemption of Blue Mountain Grange from paying non-school property taxes and all town officer elections. 

 Kristen Murray was elected to the first of two Blue Mountain Union School Board seats, succeeding Josh Souliere to succeed outgoing board member Bruce Stevens. Paul Hazel was re-elected to the second seat, defeating Josh Souliere.

In the only non-unanimous voice vote, up to $37,000 was approved for the construction of a solar array to power the municipal buildings at Ryegate Corner. Town Energy Officer Carl Bayer said the array will not only provide more than enough power for the town's needs at the present time but will have the capacity for future expansion through the installation of additional solar modules.


The full town officer election results are:

Regina Hazel was re-elected as Moderator by unanimous vote.

Elizabeth Page was re-elected as Town Clerk unanimously.

Cheryl Slayton was unanimously re-elected as Treasurer.

Darryl Perkins was elected by unanimous vote to the Selectboard seat vacated by Claudette Sortino.

Dale Wright was unanimously re-elected as delinquent tax collector.

No elections were made for the currently vacant seat of First Constable and the seat will remain vacant for the next year.

John Zampieri was re-elected as Town Agent by unanimous vote.

Dean Rowden was unanimously re-elected as First Grand Juror.

Sally Wilson was re-elected unanimously as a Lister.

Jennifer Nelson was re-elected by unanimous vote as a Library Trustee.

Richard Colby II was unanimously re-elected as a Cemetery Commissioner.