Lyndonville Voter Turnout

votingLYNDON - Eager residents of Lyndonville were filing into the Municipal Building early this morning as voting for this years elections began.

 Lyndon Town Clerk, Dawn Dwyer, said there was more than 3000 residents that are currently registered for this years elections, and holds the expectations of being busy throughout the day.

With the voter turnout expected to be as big as it is, this means good news for campaign volunteers such as Bill Coleman.

"Well for one thing, I'm trying to make sure everyones aware that today is election day that might pass and not be turning in here but seems like the vast majority of people are turning in." Stated Coleman.

Even with volunteers urging people of the importance to vote, some registered citizens are really just hoping for this election to be over with.

"Im just happy the whole thing is going to be over with and we don't have to listen to it anymore." Said a registered voter John Berrube.

Berrube was not alone in this feeling, as many other registered voters and Americans alike have had to deal with this general election for the past year and a half now.

"I think we're all glad that it's over with." Said voter Lawrence Simpson.

Simpson also believes that the voting system could use an adjustment.

"My thoughts about the system, I think it all needs to be revamped I believe it should come down to a popular vote we ought to wipe the slate clean from congress right on through." Stated Simpson.

With little less than 10 hours remaining before the votes are cast and decisions are made, many registered voters share one common idea and are just ready for a decision to be made.