Debate Night In Lunenburg


ConnievsedLUNENBURG -  The race between two candidates for State Representative for Essex-Caledonia County is well on its way. With election day coming up soon on November eighth, the two candidates decided to have a one on one debate regarding the current issues facing their district.

Last Monday night at the Lunenburg Primary (Elementary) School, Connie Quimby and Ed Clark sat next to one another in a crowded room. Connie Quimby is the current Republican State Representative and is looking to be re-elected for her third term. Democrat Ed Clark, the former chair of the Guildhall Select board and a small business owner, says "we can do better." 


 According to Clark, "towards the end of the debate a women stood up, identified herself as a Republican and said that she could no longer support Quimby." Clark says "On those few occasions when Quimby has 'reported back' to town meetings she has been unprepared or incapable of answering almost any question, interpreting any law or assisting in the implementing any new legislation."

At the debate, it was apparent this was true on a few issues, such as the topic of medical marajuana, when Quimby could not remember how she voted. Clark had to remind Quimby that she was absent that day, and she did not vote at all. Clark added, "The record shows that she has been absent from key roll call votes on bills related to marijuana, the estate tax, privacy protection, energy sighting, opioid abuse and more." However, Clark says he feels that, "Quimby is an honest and hard working lady who is just in over her head."

 This event was the only chance for the candidates to officially debate before Election Day.