Meet Marcia Martel

Marcia MartelAROUND THE NEK - If you have been to the Waterford dump recently, you may have ran into Caledonia-1’s Republican Representative Marcia Martel.

“My favorite place to go is the dump on a Saturday morning.” Says Martel. “You see everybody, they welcome you there, and people come up and ask you questions.”

Martel has been involved in politics for only two years, and says what inspired her to run in the first place was an unanswered question. “I asked a question and didn’t get an answer and it kind of irked me. So I came home and said to my husband, I’m running for his job, that’s what did it,” Martel says.

Now 3 years later, Martel holds the title of Representative for the Caledonia-1 district; which covers Barnet, Ryegate, and Waterford, where she has lived for 46 years. As a representative Martel helps sponsor bills that are brought into the legislature, and does her best to focus on the citizens of her district.

“Don’t go over there for your own personal agenda, it’s about the agenda of the people of Vermont,” says Martel.

Currently, Martel is running unopposed. However, she does not let that distract her from hearing the concerns of the citizens. “People say, ‘you don’t have anyone running against you’ and I say yes, but you’re still my constituents you’re still my concerns, what do you have for questions,” says Martel.

But until election day, Martel plans to continue with her daily routine by meeting those at the dump, gardening, and canning.