NH Primary has Small Turnout

NH PRIMARYLITTLETON, NH - A small turnout of voters showed at the polls in New Hampshire yesterday as people casted their ballots to vote on the races for governor, U.S. Senate, and seats 1 and 2 for the congressional districts.

 “I asked a few people at work today and not many of them were really aware of what was going on or that there was elections going on,” says Littleton resident David Adams, who was in Littleton yesterday casting his vote.

The New Hampshire state primary has historically had a low attendance rate when it comes to voters, with the average rate of attendance being twenty percent. As of yesterday, Littleton’s selectboard chairman, Milton Bratz, says he would be surprised if they even reached that prediction.

“If we get six or seven hundred on the twenty percent prediction we will be surprised.” says Bratz.

Out of Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, New Hampshire is the only state that does not allow early voting - a system that allows voters to cast a ballot in person prior to the day of the election. New Hampshire also does not permit no excuse absentee voting or online voter registration, which means if you are a New Hampshire resident who is eligible to vote, your only flexibility is to register in person.

However, despite the low turnout for the state primary, Bratz expects something much different for the general election this November.

“We anticipate a very very heavy turnout” says Bratz.

The primary candidates in the upcoming general election are democratic governor Maggie Hasson, incumbent republican Kelly Ayotte, and third party libertarian Brian Chabot.