Haverhill to Implement Neighborhood Watch

HaverhillWatchHAVERHILL - The town of Haverhill currently has eleven officers that patrol roughly 55 square miles. In order to provide assistance to the officers of the town, Haverhill Police Chief Byron Charles is trying once again to start a neighborhood watch program.

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The Dry Spout is Over

MONROE, NH - alcoholThe town of Monroe, New Hampshire went dry over twenty years ago, but that dry period is now over.

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Help Wanted

littletonLITTLETON- The need for an additional patrol officer has the Littleton Police Department hoping voters will vote “YES” on Town Meeting Day. With more complex cases such as drug investigations, sex abuse crimes, and credit card fraud, Chief Paul Smith believes a new officer is essential for safety. 

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Town Manager Search

new town managerHAVERHILL, N.H-The search for a town manager of Haverhill New Hampshire is still ongoing. Ads have been released and the search is officially on as the town seeks its second town manager.

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Help For Those Who Help

CO-opNEW HAMPSHIRE-- With Thanksgiving less than a week away food pantries are trying to get the last of the food that they need in order to feed those who can't efford to feed their families and themselves. However sometimes those organizations need a little more help in order feed others, and that is where bigger businesses come in.


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