Big Plans For a Small Station

NCCRNEW HAMPSHIRE - A big dream of opening a community radio station has become a reality in Littleton. Nate Alberts started out working for another community radio station - KBUT in Crested Butte, Colorado. Upon moving back to the area, Alberts decided he was going to follow his dreams, opening a community radio station of his own.

North Country Community Radio opened in October. Alberts is the executive director of the non-profit radio station, which airs from noon to 8pm Monday through Friday. North Country Community Radio doesn't target one specific genre, as they play a wide variety of music throughout the day.

While there's still a lot of work to do, Alberts believes the station is where he wants it to be. Based on the goals that he has set, things are headed in the right direction. The plan is to get grants for the station, and perhaps eventually a recording studio.

One of the station's DJs, Darcie Shedd, brings that recording studio-essence to her show. From 12pm-4pm on Fridays, Shedd invites local artists to come and play live at the studio. Shedd says "We're here for the community... we're here to celebrate music and any events that are going on in the community as well as reaching out to the people and doing fundraisers."

North Country Community Radio welcomes all calls and requests. To find out more on the up and coming non-profit radio station, check out their website.