Is the Love of the Job Enough?

haverhillpolicethumbHAVERHILL - The Haverhill Police Department has been forced to make many cutbacks over the years.

One police chief is now faced with the reality of losing more of their men.

 Overworked and underpaid, officers within the department are faced with the choice of either dealing with their financial situation, or packing up and looking for better work.
Just this past year the department lost another valuable member of their team, and are left with only six men to cover all of the town's issues.

The department got in contact with many other agencies in Grafton County, to launch a pay scale investigation, and according to Haverhill Chief of Police, Byron Charles, his men's salaries are not even within the 51 percentile.
"I certainly wouldnt ask the town to pay us what some of the cities are being paid, but I am certainly going to ask the town to be competitive in what they are paying because quite frankly my officers here do a lot of work and they do a lot more work then many other agencies that are getting paid more money and getting better benefits," Charles said.

After serving the station for 17 years, and enjoying the experience he has gained, Charles plans to stay with the force and continue fighting for what he believes his men deserve. He has attended town budget meetings and has made a requested that the town provide their police department with more funds. Haverhill will make a final decision on that request on March 12th, New Hampshire's town meeting day.