Help For Those Who Help

CO-opNEW HAMPSHIRE-- With Thanksgiving less than a week away food pantries are trying to get the last of the food that they need in order to feed those who can't efford to feed their families and themselves. However sometimes those organizations need a little more help in order feed others, and that is where bigger businesses come in.



The Littleton Food Co-op is helping the Good Neighbor Food Pantry at the Community Church of Christ in Franconia get everything they need to provide a Thanksgiving meal. "For the last seven years we've partnered with the Good Neighbor Food Pantry because they basically do the Thanksgiving Baskets for the needy," stated Littleton Food Co-op General Manager Ed King. "Littleton Co-op members and shoppers donate at the register if their interested in giving to this program. We also have a can for can match. If someone donates a can during the month of November, we'll match that here at the co-op with a donation." 

King commented that they also give some of the produce and other food they have at the store as well, food like day old bread and second quality produce. Not only does the business give back but the venders take part in this program so they can give back as well.

At the pantry they are grateful for everything they can get. Amy Welch, a chair member on the Mission Board spoke about the Thanksgiving baskets that they are giving out to people this year. These baskets include everything from the turkey to the vegetables to even the dessert, a pie crust and fillings. "The Co-op has partnered with us, to bring a greater variety of goods and particularly increase the nutrition and the availability of fresh items," said Welch. "So they will each week gives us as much as they have of vegetables, fruits, bread and other groceries. It's been a huge help."

It isn't just food that the co-op gathers for the pantry but money as well. "The co-op has also partnered with us each November for the month, which enables us to collect money at their cash register," added Welch. A plastic jar is located at every register at the co-op that allows customers cashing out to give their change or donation to the pantry. In the front of the store a cardboard box is ready for those who wish to make a food donation. 

Eighth grader Gianna Gould is a volunteer at the Good Neighbor Food Pantry. "Working here and volunteering here is a good thing. It's good for them and it's good for me." Gould will be at the food co-op on Saturday morning asking people if they can donate ten dollars to those in need. "I think that whatever they donate could be helpful, it could be really any amount"