Former CEO Considering Presidential Run

fioriniaNORTH HAVERHILL, N.H. - Potential GOP Candidate, Carly Fiorina, made a stop in northern New Hampshire last night to discuss a possible presidential run.



The former Chief Executive Officer of multinational information technology guru, Hewlett-Packard, who is also the first woman to lead a Fortune 500 business, believes that she has a chance to beat candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

"I think I can beat her because I can point out that she lacks trustworthy-ness," said Fiorina. "Trust is important, to lead the nation you have to have a track record of leadership and I don't think she has demonstrated that."

Fiorina is currently the Chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation, Good360, and the Chairman of Opportunity International, which is the biggest non-profit micro-finance lender in the world. She has already made an impact on local residents.

"We just named a new born calf Carly," said Betty Robie, a local dairy farmer, "I think Carly is a very promising candidate for the Republican party."

Fiorina already has the support of New Hampshire Activist, Bettie Lamontagne.

"Carly has a unique and refreshing message of optimism," she said. "She passionately communicates how conservative policies can unlock our nation's potential."

And now Fiorina can add New Hampshire State Senator, Jeanie Forrester, to the list of supporters.

"She feels she brings the qualities and experiences to be the President of the United States," she said. "I'm not sure if she looks at it as 'I want to beat somebody,' but I want to be president and I think I can do the job and personally I think she can beat both of them [Sanders and Clinton]."

Fiorina is expected to make an official announcement within the next few days on whether or not she will be running for President.