Robert Dellinger Sentenced

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rdellingerNORTH HAVERHILL, N.H. - A former fortune 500 executive has been sentenced to nine years in prison relating to the death of three people in a car crash back in 2013. Yesterday, Robert Dellinger appeared in Grafton Superior Court in New Hampshire for the second day of sentencing for a car crash where he killed a Vermont couple and their unborn child.

 Dellinger held executive positions in multiple fortune 500 companies. Both sides, the prosecution and the defense, acknowledged Dellinger experienced depression before the accident.

“The reality is… is that the defendant is a man who has had depression, severe depression. He was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. This is not a man who has no reported history of depression and all of a sudden the state puts forth the idea that somehow he became suicidal overnight,” said Diana Fenton, the Assistant Attorney General.

Dellinger’s defense attorney, Stephen Gordon, agreed stating, “I don’t think that I ever suggested that Bob didn’t have depression. I think I probably went through in some detail that he did have depression in the past.”

According to state prosecutors, the crash was a failed suicide attempt that instead killed Vermont residents, Jason Timmons and Amanda Murphy. Murphy was 8-months pregnant at the time. Dellinger was going over 100 miles per hour when he crossed over the median on I-89 in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

“He says quite clearly to the troopers that and I quote, this is hard to say, I was very depressed, gloomy, I obviously caused this,” said Assistant Attorney General

Dellinger pled guilty to all charges including two counts of negligent homicide and 2nd degree assault.

Dellinger’s defense attorney Stephen Gordon quoted Amanda’s grandfather, “He knew he didn’t want to do it, but he has to pay for a certain degree.”

The sentencing will finally give the victim’s families a sense of closure.