Littleton Ranked #6 Small Town

littletonLITTLETON- One of the Northeast's own has been ranked as one of the country's top 50 best small towns. Best Choice Reviews ranked Littleton, N.H. as the sixth best small town in the U.S. The ranking came out in January, and many of the town's businesses are excited.


"We're very excited. We're not surprised knowing everything that has been happening in town and all the new developments. We've always enjoyed downtown Littleton and we've got all kinds of wonderful things here," Co-founder of Schilling Brewery, John Lenzini, gushed about the remote metropolis.

"This is a great small town with a vibrant business community, a great community in general and we love doing business here, it's a pleasure to do so," comments Lenzini.

To be ranked, the small towns had to have: fewer than 15,000 full time residents, the best downtown and main street, and median income and home prices. Littleton has all of these and Jeff Cozzens, CEO Founder of Schilling Beer, believes the ranking is well deserved, stating, "The people help to separate Littleton. We have a tremendous number of givers, a number of people who are completely dedicated to making the town progressive, their business minded but they're givers."

Among the top five rankings, Best Choice Reviews ranked Montpelier as number one.