Outpour of Support for NVRH

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sprinklerST.JOHNSBURY- The Northern Vermont Region Hospital received an outpouring of support from the community after their recent flooding on October 5th. Around 10:30 at night a sprinkler on the medical/surgical floor of the hospital malfunctioned releasing fifteen gallons of water per minute.


This is the first time for a sprinkler malfunction to occur in NVRH let alone any hospital in Vermont or New Hampshire in the last 10 years. 

Some patients were relocated to remain dry and their families helped prevent the water from entering patient rooms by making "dams" out of sheets and blankets.

No medical equipment was damaged, but the wing did need a new paint job and new flooring.

The St.Johnsbury Fire patrol helped assess the damage and clean up the six hundred gallons of water that had spilled over the forty minute incident.

Cleanway also was a big help with repairing the crumbling ceiling tiles. 

The NVRH staff were all surprised by the malfunction but said the sprinklers were "unsightly" and forty four years old.

Usually once a sprinkle is fifty years old it needs to be replaced; NVRH is being proactive about the situation and getting all new sprinklers by October 22nd.

Richard Degreenia, an employee of NVRH who was called in from home the night of the flooding was especially thankful for all the help from the community

"The fire deparment was really helpful, they did a wonderful job and I can't give them enough thanks for being here to check it out and help clean up."

The clean up should be completed by October 19th.