Burglars Arraigned

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ST. JOHNSBURY- Twenty-nine-year-old Brent Sarazin of Lyndon was arraigned on Monday afternoon in Caledonia Criminal Courthouse for burglary charges.


Sarazin, along with his sister, twenty-six year-old sister Savanna Sarazin, and his twenty-one year-old friend, Joshua Call, are accused of a number of different burglaries in the greater Lyndon and Burke area. 

The string of burglaries occured in the months of July and August. Victims say that stolen items included cash, safes, and guns.

Sarazin pleded not guilty on all accounts.

After Sarazin pleaded not guilty Judge Michael Pratt listened to arguements about the conditions of Mr. Sarazin's release.

After the arguements were made Judge Pratt required a $10,00 unsecured appearence bond and a 24 hour curfew with some expections.

Sarazin may only leave his residence for one hour on Friday night to pick up his daughter along with one hour Saturday morning to drop his daughter off. He may also leave Sunday morning for two hours in order to run errands or attend church.

Savanna Sarzin was in court last week and pleaded not guilty to five felony charges of burglary. She was released on conditions.

Joshua Call was also arraigned last week on two felony charges of burglary. He, like his other alleged accomplices, was released on conditions.