Bed Bug Dispute

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bed bug infestationST. JOHNSBURY - Bed bugs continue to stir up trouble for one apartment building in St. Johnsbury. One couple says this has been an ongoing issue.



The owner of Depot Square Apartments on Eastern Avenue is being sued by a couple who claim their apartment is still infested with bed bugs three years after they brought the problem to the attention of the buildings manager.

Norma Heath and her husband have been living at Depot Square Apartments since 2011. About one month after they moved in, they noticed insect bites covering their bodies. The couple has recently filed a lawsuit against the owner of the building for "Emotional Distress and Physical Harm." But a K9 inspection has found no trace of any living insect that would be causing harm to the Heath's.

In light of no bugs being found by the dogs, other residents have begun to question the Heath's story. Ronald Cargill said, "I've been here sixteen years and I have not had any problems with infestation at all." Heath believes that the majority of people think that they are only bringing attention to bed bugs in the building for the money.

Yesterday afternoon another K9 inspection occurred at the apartment. This one ordered by the State Housing Authority. Three dogs sniffed around all 47 apartments for living bed bugs. According to Michael Tache, the President of the American K9 Private Investigators, the dogs are attracted to the pheromone oder which alerts them to bed bugs.

This has brought about new hope for the Heath's. "We hope that they actually see live bed bugs in here and know that we are not lying." After a search of the building no live bed bugs were found in any of the apartments. But, they did find fecal matter and casings.

So far the Heath's have not decided on how much money they are suing the owner of the building. They plan on leaving that decision up the judge. But in the mean time the couple are going to continue to live in their current apartment. "When this is all over we are out of here."