Wheels for Warmth 2014

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wheelsbond finalST. JOHNSBURY - The Tenth Annual Wheels for Warmth program is underway at the Bond Auto Parts in St. Johnsbury.  

Started by Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott, Wheels for Warmth is in effect to help those who are struggling with the rising cost of home heating. 

This is how it works; anyone can drop off a used tired for just four dollars. Every recycled tire that Auto Bond recieves will then be sent to the Waste Managment Facility. The money raised will be used to help the Fuel Assistance Program.

Auto Bond in Saint Johnsbury is just one of many tire drop of locations around the area. The next closest collection facility is located on 1836 Memorial in St. Johnsbury. There is also a collection going on at the Auto Bond in Bradford. 

Last year, the Auto Bond in St. Johnsbury raised a couple hundred dollars for the program. Rufus Dawson, who is an employee at the Auto Bond in St. Johnsbury hopes to see more people come out to support a good cause. "Usually towards the end, it's a little bit bigger. This is the last week so hopefully people start coming."

To date, they have only recieved a couple tires. This number is down from this time last year. However, the collection will continue until the end of this week.