Westaff Job Fair

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job fair copyST. JOHNSBURY - Many residents of Caledonia County were offered help in search of employment by Westaff on Wednesday. Westaff is an employment agency, helping temporary employees with jobs throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Tammy Lis, the Branch Manager of Westaff, and Regional Manager Jeannine Erpelding were giving sufficient help to the potential workers. They called potential people around this area about the job fair this week and sent them the applications.

There are several job openings, such as production, assemblers, general labor, machine operators, administrative assistant, inside sale representative, software developers and so on.

Lis gave tips to people on the interview process and reviewing their resume together.

“We let them know to do a little research on the company they are going to interview with,” Lis said. “So you know if you have something you can tell them about what you have done in the past and what they manufacture, what you want to do is to impress that client. So the more you know about the client before you go to the interview is a good thing.”

Although it is expensive to do business in Vermont, and manufacturing stands for a prominent part in the local business, Erpelding said the economy here hasn’t been really bad as other states.

“I actually think the trend in this community is behind. When the recession was getting really bad in other places, it hadn’t really hit here yet. People around were scared about it, companies won’t hire a lot, but they haven’t reacted it.”

With the unemployment rate at 4.0% in Vermont, and with the local rate of 4.8% in St. Johnsbury, Vermont’s unemployment numbers are lower than the national unemployment rate of 6.0%.

“I think it is good because last time you did not know what jobs were open. And there are lots of people who are looking for jobs these days,” Joseph Roisten, the local resident who attended the fair said.

Attendee Tiffani Glodgett said, “it is important to people get out and understand that there are jobs out there. Go for it and see what you do.”

Westaff will be calling back for a second round of interviews in the next two days. Lis mentioned that depending on the situation, they may have more job fairs in the rest of the year.