Economic Development Forum

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econ devl forumSt. Johnsbury -- Representative Michelle Fay organized the economic development listening forum on Monday night in St. Johnsbury. People in this area had a rare opportunity to talk to state-wide politicians.


Deputy Secretary Lucy Leriche of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Representative Jim Masland of the House Ways and Means Committee and State Representative Sam Young attended the event.

Local residents including many small business owners were attended as well. They pulled out many topics included taxes, jobs, schools, transportation, broadband internet and tourism on the forum.

Fay explained why she organized the event and some of the things she wanted to focus on.

"What the community needs is jobs. We need economic development. We need to support our tourism industry," Fay said. "I feel this is a really rare opportunity to bring some of the key policy makers from Montpelier over to St. Johnsbury to hear local people's thoughts."

Also, Fay said her policy position on job development is to find and develop jobs that would sustain community members.

"We want good jobs that can support the families," Fay said.

Fay thought these are the strengths she would love to build on -- support the sustainable development, build on the assets of the community and have the incredible arts community around this area.