Colors of the NEK

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colors of the windST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury will be celebrating their "Colors of the Kingdom" festival this Saturday, with events for all ages. 

 The festival will be located along Railroad St., Eastern Ave., and Main St. This years festival theme will be "Show Your Colors," encouraging citizens from all of the Northeast Kingdom to embrace and show who they really are.

lt will offer thirteen hours of fun activities. Events range from an all you can eat pancake breakfast to print making, art walks, and train rides. 

According to Kimberly White, Committee Chair, "A lot of what we do is all for free of it's a low cost inexpensive way for the family to spend the day together." 

Train rides will last an hour and a half and cost twelve dollars for adults and six dollars for children. 

The festival begins at 8 a.m and goes until 9 p.m.