St. Johnsbury Audit

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st.j auditST.JOHNSBURY - The Saint Johnsbury select board has received a grant that they should received two years ago.



The St.Johnsbury selectboard hired Bonnie Batchler to do some auditing because money was getting mishandled. Batchler uncovered and fixed things that were not done right and neglected.

The select board member, Tom Moore, said Batchler was quite happy with the way things are seperated, especially for the two enterprise accounts.

"The grant money is coming in and going where it belonges to, so we feel pretty confident that we are on the right track now," said Tom Moore.

Moore also said that the board has managed to come in with a surplus instead of a deficit last year, which is a good thing to have.

The St.Johnsbury select board members are making strides everyday to make the financial situation of the town stronger.