Be Seat Smart

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safety seatsST. JOHNSBURY - It's Child Safety Passenger week all around the country, and one organization is helping parents in Vermont buckle their children up.

"Be Seat Smart" stopped in St. Johnsbury hoping to solve a problem here in the Northeast Kingdom. There are many ways parents can improperly use a car seat from facing it the wrong way, to malfunctioning clasps or even having having the wrong seat in general for the child height and weight. "Be Seat Smart" is trying to educate parents everywhere on miss use, especially up here in the NEK.


"It's higher up here, because we only have one fitting, well we have two, one in St. Johnsbury and one in Lyndonville but the more rural you get…the higher the miss use tends to be. Now with that said, the miss use nationally is around eighty percent so that's pretty significantly high", explains volunteer Anne Weinstein.

The volunteers for the program have the parents who stop by, fill out some paper work and then they get to work checking out the car seat in the vehicle. Hopefully programs like this one will help parents learn a little more about car seats and how to safely buckle in their children.