Kingdom Shelter Expansion Fundraiser

kingdom shelterST. JOHNSBURY - The Kingdom Animal Shelter in Saint Johnsbury is trying to raise money for a new shelter. This new shelter will not only be used to house more cats, but the shelter is hoping to be able to house dogs as well.

 The Kingdom Animal Shelter was founded in 2003 and is centered in St. Johnsbury. They are members of three Human Societies and federations, as well as being a member of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 they opened up a cat shelter and adoption center known as Kingdom Kats, and are currently titled as a limited access shelter due to the amount of space that they have available to them. 

On Saturday the shelter set up their fundraiser at the St. Johnsbury Subaru on Memorial Drive. Kingdom Shelter sold treats, fashion dolls, and even raffle tickets.

Sandy Butkovich, who worked the auction, had this to say about support from people, "We need their support. If the shelter is going to grow we need them to help us, and by helping us they're helping the stray cat problem in their community."

When the shelter has enough money they plan to open a new shelter. Bigger in size as well as being able to house dogs for the first time. "We get so many people that say "gee you know I'm a dog lover," well support us so we can have dogs for the dog lovers too," Butkovich said.

The Kingdom Shelter raised over $1,000 towards their goals through Sturdays Event.