Catamount Auction a Success

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catamountST. JOHNSBURY - Catamount Arts held their 29th annual benefit auction this past weekend, and the results were record breaking. With more than 300 items, not only was this auction the biggest in the amount of items to bid on, it was the largest in attendance.

"We had about 258 people, or slightly more at the auction,” Artistic Director of Catamount Arts Jerry Aldredge claimed.  “That would make it the largest auction in the 29 years. We're very pleased, it looks as if we had a record breaking sale, and we raised more money than we have ever raised before.”

Not only was it the biggest auction, it also started two days earlier than scheduled, with the silent auction starting last Thursday, leaving it open for two whole days prior to the larger live auction.

“[The items] were donated by many, if not most of the businesses, artists and artisans in our area. It was such a wonderful display, we decided to give the public a chance to truly see it,” said Aldredge.  “We put the silent auction up for sale on Thursday and that worked very well. We had many people who came through and not only looked at the items and got an idea of what we had to offer, but also placed bids.”

The live auction always seems to draw the most money towards it, during the Saturday night congregation at the arts center.

“The way things are organized, we always raise more during the live auction than the silent auction because of the values,” Aldredge said. “Our biggest item was an African Photo Safari for four people. That was the hit of the evening, and that sold for multiple thousand dollars. We also had many pieces of art that sold for more than it’s listed value.”

Catamount Arts is still tallying up the total dollar amount raised through the fundraiser.