Outreach for VT Health Connect

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ST.JOHNSBURY - It's been over a month since The Vermont Health Connect Exchange website released, but some residents are still having difficulty navigating the website. A community outreach held on Sunday at Northern Counties Health Care, or N.C.H.C., helped answer the questions asked by those who are having a hard time.





Glitches and general confusion have been some of the major concerns that have raised questions about the Vermont Health Connect. A recent extension on some health care plans has helped ease the problems. 




"On Vermont Health Connect it's like an expedia website, you know when you go and buy airline tickets or something? It will show you a side by side comparison of all the plans that are available, there's 18 of them, and what you will pay and what your subsidies will be," said Deputy Director of Health Care Reform David Reynolds. 




Northern Countries Health Care CEO, Patrick Flood, tells those who find navigating the website difficult that, "We do have staff that are prepared to sit down with people and help them get signed up for health care insurance through the exchange." 




This is exactly what applicant, David Jeanotte took advantage of.




"I called for a navigator, Kate Willey is who I got, and she assisted me. I'm all signed up, and I now have a better plan at a lower price than I had previous," said Jeanotte.




Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin attended N.C.H.C's community outreach event to talk about the health connect.




"What we're trying to do here is one of the most ambitious technology changes in the history of health care.  Moving folks to a system to where you can shop for health insurance that interfaces with your federal tax information.  It interfaces with the programs you're eligible for in the state and comes back and gives you an answer quickly."




There is still more to be done to fix the website, and make it better for applicants, but the outreach was a step in the right direction. For more information you can visit the Heath Connect website.