Arrests Made in Melissa Jenkins Murder

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Alan & Patricia PrueST.JOHNSBURY - (Updated 4:00PM)  Police have have arrested Allen Prue, 30, and Patricia Prue, 33, both of Waterford, VT in connection with the murder of Melissa Jenkins.

They are being charged with second degree murder and improper disposal of a body. Both were arraigned this morning in Caledonia Criminal Court and plead not guilty to charges. They are being held without bail.

Jenkins' body was found in the Connecticut River in Barnet, VT Monday afternoon.  In the medical examiners report, released Tuesday, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Steven Shapiro ruled Jenkins' death a homicide.  The cause of death was strangulation.

Police issued a search warrant late Tuesday evening at the Prue residence  on 91 Old County Rd in Waterford. Police towed multiple vehicles from their home, which is now considered a crime scene. Patricia Prue was being questioned by police at the time that the search warrant was executed. She experienced a medical episode while being questioned, and was transferred to Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. Both are currently being held at the Northeastern Regional Correctional Facility.  Allen and Patricia are married, and knew Melissa Jenkins because they had snow plowed her driveway a couple of years ago.

According to the affidavit, police were able to determine through multiple interviews that the Prue's called Jenkins and told her that they were having car trouble, and asked if she could help them. Jenkins called her ex boyfriend to let him know that she was going to help some people who used to plow her driveway.  She wanted someone to know where she was.  The ex boyfriend went looking for her after not hearing from her for several hours.  He discovered her car, a  2006 silver Suzuki Grand Vitara on Goss Hollow Road in St. Johnsbury. The car's engine was found running with Jenkins' two year-old child still inside. Police collected evidence at that scene, which indicated a struggle had occurred.

"We consider this an isolated incident. There is still much more work to be done," said Captain of the Criminal Division of the Vermont State Police, Major Ed Ledo.