National Feral Day

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feralcatST. JOHNSBURY – October 16th is National Feral Day and the St. Johnsbury Kingdom Animal Shelter spent the day educating the public on feral cats. A Feral cat may look like an average cat but due to lack of human contact they have reverted to a wild state and have a serious fear of humans.


National Feral Day is dedicated to spreading awareness about the problem as well as a day to help fix the problem. Kingdom animal shelter has been doing their part by taking in kittens from feral colonies. If feral kittens are cared for at a young enough age they can be adopted into homes. The kingdom animal shelter has also spayed and neutered around sixty-five cats. This helps control the colonies population in check by preventing new litters.

Shelter volunteer Helen Morrison said, "populations just get huge and if you don't anything and this is just a wonderful way to deal with feral cats."