Mobile Medical Internation Corperation

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miccST. JOHNSBURY - The Mobile Medical International Corporation, or MMIC, has placed fourth in a list of the top 50 innovative companies for this year. This is a global company based out of St. Johnsbury and makes mobile medical units to help those in need. MMIC currently has three main types of deployable medical units. They have their mobile medical and surgery units, mobile sterilization units, and medical tents.

MMIC was founded in 1994 and introduced the first mobile medical unit in 1996. These medical units are spread out across the country and are full sized medical surgery units that mimic those found in hospitals and can house more than one patient at a time and can preform a number of surgeries.

Today some of the biggest operations they run are to help deal with small disasters, help hospitals with their renovations, and help the military with medical situations. Helping with the hospital renovations have saved millions of dollars by having the room they need at the hospitals so the renovations can be done as a whole instead of doing the renovations in sections.

One thing that MMIC is currently working on is building medical units that can fit inside an airplane. President and CEO Rick Cochran says that they have received donations from FedEx and Bowing. They are currently working on the inside of the medical center which will then be installed into a plane. Cochran says that this will help more military personnel by being able to provide a sterile environment where they can be helped further than out in the field, and have them be taken out of action.

The MMIC Medical tent was called out to a recent St. Johnsbury forest fire and helped the firemen get out of the smoke to get clean air and a break from the medical dangers of fires. After the firemen were cleared they would go back out to the fire, and more were ushered in.