Local Food to Local Mouths

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local community farmST. JOHNSBURY - Here in the Northeast Kingdom, local farms provide fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat via farmers markets. Avid farmers in St. Johnsbury have made their own community farm that supports not only meal sites, but also anyone in the community who wishes to take part.


The farm stays alive thanks to a fundraiser called "Empty Bowls." "This is our biggest fundraiser and an opportunity to reach out the the community and thank them for their support," said Heather Burt who is a board member of the St. Johnsbury Area Local Food Alliance. The St. Johnsbury ALFA runs the community farm and stresses to the community of the importance of eating locally. 

The theme "Empty Bowls" was taken from a national model used to fight world hunger, but here in St. Johnsbury, they are fighting to keep the farm open. Thanks to donations at this dinner and for the tickets bought, the farm can stay open. Celia Jackmauh, a volunteer at the farm, says that the community farm is a crucial part of St. Johnsbury. "They are helping bring local food to local people and they are supporting the local farms. They are kind of a conduit to bringing fresh food to people," said Jackmauh. Melissa Bridges, co-manager of the St. Johnsbury Food Co-op, echos Jackmauh in supporting the farms efforts. "I think what St. Johnsbury ALFA is trying to do is generate more awareness of local food," said Bridges. 

Living here in the Northeast Kingdom has its share of benefits, including the number of ways to get organic food. Local farms, and the community farm in St. Johnsbury, offers people a way to not only pick vegetables but also learn about the healthy benefits of eating organically. "There creating healthy food without chemicals for us, we use organic food here,"said Burt. Jackmauh also stressed the value of local food here in the Kingdom. "Vermont has great local farms with fresh produce and not too many people have that opportunity and we do in Vermont," said Jackmauh.