St. Johnsbury Frisbee

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ultimate frisbeeST. JOHNSBURY- Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new competitive sport, but it's not new to last year's champions - St. Johnsbury Academy.

Alongside Head Coach Josh Seamon, the team is looking to keep their title.

 Head Coach Josh Seamon has led most of the students since their freshmen year through the program."We had a very cohesive unit, which really helped us be a mentally tough team," Seamon said. "We ended up being undefeated in the state of Vermont."

Since Vermont has a low volume in Ultimate Frisbee teams, St. Johnsbury is forced to travel outside of the state. Senior William Morse thinks this has more of a positive impact on the team than anything. "Seamon's a great coach and there is a big sense of unity," Morse said. "Every weekend we go to Massachusetts and it's a really big team event, and we drive 4 hours down there, spend the night, its bonding."

Ultimate Frisbee was declared a varsity sport at St. Johnsbury Academy in 2006. There are three teams and fifty students who signed up this year. As of right now there is only a JV and Varsity boys team and a Varsity girls team.  Sarah Lynch, a senior on the team, says, "Personally I want to see the team grow as that we can have a JV and Varsity team. I want there to be that many people so that it's more competitive for spots on varsity and that will have make people work really hard.

Seamon has faith in his team that this year they can go all the way again.