Band of the Century

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stj bandST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury band rehearsed last night for their annual event called the Festival of Bands.

The event will take place on Wednesday night at the St. Johnsbury School.


Anyone with any musical talent can join festival of the bands and David Hare, a snare drum player, tells all the different talent he has seen. "You get to hear the progression of skill sets all the way up from being a fairly small kid to being an adult," said Hare. "So we have people who are up from their college age to when they were 80, playing the skill sets they learned when they were kids."


The upcoming event, however, is not the only reason these folks come together and create music. Richard Reed has been with the St. Johnsbury Band since he was at the academy in 1960. He doesn't even reside in this part of the country anymore and he came back for this particular event for a special reason.

"My Granddaughter, Alyssa Alger is going to be playing in her first band concert," Reed said. "She is a member of the beginning band at St. Johnsbury School, so I want to be there so we can play her first concert together."

The St. Johnsbury Band is one of the oldest in existence. Between the love of the music and the historical meaning, these talented artists go to a rehearsal more because of the appreciation behind it.

"It's nice to play sports, I played sports," Reed says. "I try to play golf but you can always take music the rest of your life. You can't always play football or baseball forever, but you can play music forever."