Canidates Battle it out in St Johnsbury

ST. JOHNSBURY - A candidate forum was held at the St Johnsbury Atheneum on September 14th.  Lieutenant Governor candidates, Joe Benning and David Zuckerman discussed their differences and how they would serve Vermont.
Joe Benning, a republican from Lyndon, is running on what he calls the 5 core republican values; a streamlined government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, a competitive education system, and being appreciative of the constitution.

"I figure most Republicans can wrap themselves around that and we begin to remember that the social issues that have divided us are not as important as those core values."

Benning also explained that he calls himself a Vermont Republican because he does not stand for the actions taken by the party at the national level, like the events of January 6th, 2021.

His opposition, David Zuckerman, is running as a progressive Democrat.

Zuckerman, a farmer from Hinesburg, held the Lieutenant Governor position from 2017 to 2021.

If he was elected, Zuckerman said he would bring a sense of urgency to the housing and climate crises.
David Zuckerman said, "I've always enjoyed public service and working for people to try to improve their circumstances in our communities, and with those requests and my family's approval I decided to get in."

On November 8th during the general election Vermonters will choose between Benning, Zuckerman, and Ian Diamondstone, a Green mountain candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  Diamondstone was not in attendance at the Atheneum event.