The Story Behind The Shooting

ST.JOHNSBURY-"Allison Roslund then heard a gunshot, and she knew Keithan was gone." Police reports stated in relation to the murder of Vincent Keithan on the morning of March 1st, 2022.

The affidavit describing in great detail of the Northern Vermont Regional Hospital shooting on March 1st began with Lyndonville woman Allison Roslund giving her statement about the moments leading up to the incident that morning. Roslund had picked up Ashley Lee and Keithan the night before the murder bringing them back to her house on 45 Jills Hill Road in Lyndonville. The three later ended up leaving the home and drove to Newark Street in the town of Newark to visit a friend.

The three then switched to another location, that of the NVRH emergency parking lot. Shortly after arrival Roslund had called police asking for help with a man named Jerry Ramirez, also known as "Mike." She was told by police to meet them at the St. Johnsbury barracks at seven o'clock a.m. But she never was able to make it that far. The three somehow made their way to parking lot A. While waiting, police reports say she observed a silver Jeep pull into the parking lot.

Ramirez and a man named Ryan Hill got out of the vehicle. "Hill stated he stood outside and watched 'Mike' open the back door and get into the back seat of Roslund's Volvo." Police reports cited, once Ramirez was inside the car he tried to fight Roslund for the keys. Once unsuccessful, he hit her over the head. Keithan then exited the car on the opposite side that Ramirez had gotten into. Keithan went to speak with Hill wondering what the commotion was all about. Ramirez then approached Keithan with a gun, "are you going to shoot me," Keithan asked. Ramirez said yes, then proceeded to shoot Keithan. Reports say he fell to the ground and both men got back into the jeep.

Shortly after, reports say a 911 call was made from a woman named Paula Layman that Keithan had been shot in the head in parking lot A. Although the autopsy report said the cause of death was a shot to the neck. After Ramirez and Hill left the scene, they made their way over to 800 Lily Pond Road In Lyndonville. Ramirez had asked Lyndonville woman Heather Megaro, the owner of the home, to dispose of the Gun.

After several hours of Vermont State Police and New York State Police searching, Ramirez was arrested in New York, and brought back to Vermont on an aggravated assault charge on March 2nd. After just two weeks police reports say he was arrested and charged with second degree murder. His arraignment took place at Vermont Superior Court in St. Johnsbury on March 17th where he pleaded not guilty.

Although Ramirez did not physically go to the court house, he attended the arraignment over zoom. State Attorney Jessica Zaleski asked the judge that Ramirez be held without bail. "Vincent Keithan was shot dead in NVRH parking lot March 1st, 2022. Ramirez had hunted him for over six hours in the early morning." Zalenski continued to say Ramirez poses a significant risk to the public, as well as all parties involved in the murder. Ramirez will be held without bail, and awaiting the evidence hearing at Northern State Correctional facility.