St. Johnsbury Distillery Hand Sanitizer

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StJDistilleryST. JOHNSBURY - A local NEK distillery located in St. Johnsbury is helping the community during the Covid-19 outbreak by making hand sanitizer for those who need it. 

For just two weeks now, the St. Johnsbury Distillery has been making hand sanitizer to keep up with the growing amount of cases of Covid-19 and helping their buisness as the distillery's President, Brendan Hughes, says their rum sales have been down. 

"Rum sales have definitely decreased, but hand sanitizer is in high demand," said Hughes. 

When asked about what got the St. Johnsbury Distillery making hand sanitizer, Hughes says he wants to help those more at risk of contracting Covid-19 and to help his community during this troubling time.

"First, we understood the need of hand sanitizer being available to those in our community, especially those who are at more risk for Covid-19. We want to make sure our neighbors have what they need." 

If you are interested in purchasing hand sanitizer, the St. Johnsbury Distillery is organizing a safe and organized way for people to acquire it and will be releasing information through their social media and email campaigns. 

For more information you can visit the St Johnsbury Distillery website.