US District Attorney Announces Results From NEK Drug Sweep

PressConfSAINT JOHNSBURY-US District Attorney Christina Nolan was in Saint Johnsbury along with local and state agencies. Nolan announced the effort, which focused in on drug trafficking in the Northeast Kingdom. 


The month long operation targeted the areas of Newport, and Saint Johnsbury, resulting in the arrest or charges brought against 16 individuals. About 700 bags of fentanyl and heroin, and 100 grams of cocaine were seized during the operation. In addition, two firearms and $4,000 worth of drug proceeds were collected.


Nolan says that “we know that the drug crisis is hitting hard up here, and so all year long, we’ve been up here trying to bring appropriate charges against individuals who are involved in violence and drug trafficking. But over this past month or so, we’ve really made a different kind of sustained, targeted push, and really tried to move quickly to make a community impact.” 


On Monday night at 6:30, Nolan and her team will hold a public forum in the Saint Johnsbury School Auditorium. There they will present about the problems facing Vermont, and will allow the opportunity for questions and answers.