Tai Chi Classes

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THUMBNAIL TAI CHISt. Johnsbury-The United Community Church of St. Johnsbury is helping people stay active with a fall prevention class. A free Tai Chi class is available every Tuesday at this church from one thirty to two thirty pm. This Tai Chi class has gained a lot of popularity in the St. Johnsbury area too, and these Tuesday classes have stayed pretty consistent in the last two years.

Tai Chi is a great way to help strengthen your balance, and sharpen your flexibility as well. Seniors especially, who suffer from arthritis or chronic pain can unfortunately inherit balance and flexibilty problems. Tai Chai is one way to help seniors move through the physical pain they have, and to recognize the pain in their body movements.

"Somehow there was a little piece of ice on my deck, and I stepped on it and started sliding. And, there's two steps and I slid off, but having moved my legs like I do in Tai Chi, I somehow ended up standing up at the bottom, which I never would have done before." said Bonnie Benoit, a retired senior who has been going to these classes for over a year.

 Even the current instuctor of this class, Jenny Patione is noticing how Tai Chi is helping elders of the St. Johnsbury community stay active year round.

"Here it really is starting to take off. We've got a lot more volunteers here that are getting trained and certified to teach these fall prevention classes, and you know there is a lot of seniors around who need to work on their balance and flexibility."

Karen Budde of the NEK Council on Aging helps organize these classes, and is eaging to keep the momentum going for them as well. Many seniors, have found these classes can help them put their bodies into better shape as well.

"As I get older, I find that I am more susceptible to falling, and I would like to prevent that as much as possible. It isn't fun falling down in front of friends and everybody else, and this is one way I can help myself in that respect." said retired senior Sherlyn Morrisett, who has also been attending these classes for over a year.

Although it is geared towards seniors, this class is open to young people as well. The best way to sign up for one of these classes is to get into contact with Karen Budde directly at 802-751-0431.