Prevention Award for NVRH

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NVRH logoST. JOHNSBURY - The Prevention sector at NVRH was awarded at the Statehouse this past Thursday for their work with coalitions around the state to keep Vermont Residents off of illegal substances. With the Opiod Epidemic and the fads of Juul's and cigarettes plauging Vermont as well as the entire country, preventionists have thier work cut out for them. "Being a preventionist is not the easiest job by any stretch but it is a very rewarding one when you know that you are making a difference." Says Cheryl Chandler, the Regional Prevention Partnerships Coordinator at NVRH. She and other members of prevention services feel that they are going up against a very large issue, however they know that saving one person means that they made a difference and that is what's important. "We were recognized at the Statehouse for our prevention strategies used in the area and with our residents, however the fact of the matter is that we would not be able to do the work that we do and help the people that we do without all the aid that we recieve from other prevention groups around the state."

"Its just like what Cheryl said," noted Tennyson Marceau, "without the help of other prevention groups, their is no way we would've been able to help the number of people that we have reached. Recieving the award was a humbling experience, and we are glad that we were recognized; but it does not change that this was a group effort, and hopefully everyone will realize this." Most of the work that the preventionists at NVRH have done has been through grants that they have received last year to create coalitions with other prevention groups.

Prevention specialists at NVRH have also supported preventative strategies and emplored strategies of their own with the younger generations of the area. "Today more than ever, middleschoolers and highschoolers need to be aware of the selling strategies used by tobacco industries to get kids hooked on Juul's and cigarettes," Marceau explained, "the growing fad of these as well as the risks of premature cannibus use and other drugs like alcahol have never been more present in social media. I've been working closely with schools in Lyndon, St. Johnsbury, and other towns in the area, to help teach kids why they are seeing all of these different products, and why these things are being pushed on them, and trying to be sold to them. It is important that they understand these fads and these products are harmful to them, while the choice is their own as to if they use these things or not, we want them to be informed, so they can make an informed choice; and hopefully that choice will be to stay away."