Local Jazz Band Prepares for Festival

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Saint J JazzSAINT JOHNSBURY- The saint J School jazz band is getting ready to show off their talent at the Discover Jazz festival in Burlington.

      This year is the first year the middle school has had their own jazz band and music teacher Heather Joy is the person running it. The band has been practicing songs all school year and it has been leading up to the Discover Jazz festival that features Jazz bands from all over New England.

     The festival is a week long and has all sorts of different types of Jazz, Classic to Modern songs that one may not believe could be done as a jazz song such as Havana by Camila Cabello. This being one of the songs the band plans to preform as well as Superstition by Stevey Wonder.

      Joy says it is a great experience for the kids because it prepares them for high school jazz. Band Member Tiffanie Wright said " I know at the beginning of the year I definitely wouldn't call some of these people my friends, but now i do, it's just really fun." She also joked that you must be elite and the best of the best to be in their jazz band.

      Another band member Noah Choiniere said "Yeah it's definitely nerve racking and definitely a little bit scary." He also said he has been playing drums for four years and it's a great opportunity to play every piece of his drum set.

     You can see the band preform on church street in Burlington on June 1st at 8am.