Trout Migration

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Fish ThumbnailST. JOHNSBURY-It is the beginning of trout migration and fishing season in Vermont. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department said the annual spring trout migration season started at the end of this April. Steel and Rainbow trout migration is expected to happen for the next two weeks of May, when the temperatures begin to rise. With the warmer days ahead, trout will able to be seen leaping from Vermont's Waterfalls. The best time to see the leaping trout is from the late morning, to the early afternoon. The trout will be making their way across these waterways, in order to go to spawning and hatching grounds. The Fish and Wildlife Department say the trout will begin moving this coming week. The trout are expected to become more active in waterways in the coming weeks as well.

"It gets better in May when the water starts to come down, and the snow melts, and all that run off has occurred. With this, the water starts to come down, and the trout can come up. Trout do like cold water, but when its still pretty icy its cold enough that they're still not as active. So, when the water temperatures get up into the forties, and especailly in the fifities, the trout will be active and want to eat more." said Vermont Fisheries Biologist Jud Kratzer.

This Saturday from ten to two, there will a biologist around to answer questions about from the public about fishing, and Vermont's rivers. The biologist will be at Willoughy Falls in Orleans.