Drug Take Back Day 2019

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Drug Take BackST. JOHNSBURY - Drug Take Back Day is not the oldest tradition in the state of Vermont, however it is one of the best events for managing the opiod and drug crisis within the state. The reasons behind the one day event that takes place twice a year is to get expired drugs and prescription medication out of houses and in the hands of law enforcement, who can properly dispose of the substances. This is to curb the amounts of drugs that are taken during house burglaries, as well as the expired pills and medications that find their way into the sewer systems and waterways; or even in dumpsters and garbage cans that are then pilfered by animals and rodents.

This year, the day took place on Saturday, April 27th. Dean Shatney, the Sheriff for Caledonia County, had great expectations for Drug Take Back Day this year. "I would say that given the rates that we've seen in past years around the state," Shatney explained, "I would expect to see about five-hundred pounds this weekend, just in Caledonia County." 

While Drug Take Back Day only takes place twice a year, and one day a piece; the Sheriff offices in each county in Vermont have a Drug Delivery box where residents and non-residents can turn in drugs and expired medications and prescriptions all year. This have been a big help in stopping drugs from falling into the wrong hands. "Events like these are very important," Shatney continued, "All of these drugs and medications that are turned in could have ended up anywhere. They could have fallen into the water supply, they could've been the haul from a burglary, they could have been digested by a raccoon. Luckily, all of these drugs will be disposed of properly and incinerated without any negative connotation, and any drugs that are taken off the street and out of the hands of people who would abuse them, well that's a win in my book."