Kitchen Counter Cafe Flooding

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kitchen counterST. JOHNSBURY - While many Northeast Kingdom business have fallen victim to the intense spring flooding we have encountered lately, The Kitchen Counter in St. Johnsbury is dealing with damage from the rain that helped cause that flooding. Owner Crystal Marceau explained that when she notified her landlord about the amount of water that was gathering on her businesses floor, it took their maintenance crew a lot of time to start working to fix it.

"They didn't actually start working inside here for five weeks," Marceau explained. "That was after several calls and emails to get things going." The cafe only opened just recently, in September of 2018, but has gained a loyal customer base.

Marceau expressed her gratitude towards her regular patrons who took the time to reach out to her landlord about the issue as well. The support she has received already is heartwarming, but Marceau is still unsure about the future of The Kitchen Counter Cafe. "Financially, it's affected us a lot. I'm hoping I have enough money to open back up when it's ready."


The damage was spotted on March 15th, and Marceau and her landlord are still unsure how long the necessary repairs will take to finish.