Expanding Saint Johnsbury's Downtown District

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ST J DOWNTOWN EXPANSIONST. JOHNSBURY- The town of Saint Johnsbury is moving forward with efforts to revitalize their downtown district day by day. An announcement was made at Monday nights Select Board meeting, the town has been approved to make expansions to the area known as the downtown district.

Some of the expansions that were made were just simple technical errors that existed on paper, such as lines intersecting buildings. The main chunk however, resides on the northern tier of Bay Street, the industrialized part of town. Their goal with this new aquired downtown district, is to make it an area of recreation. Not only will it serve as a beginning point for the Three Rivers Bike Trail, which would connect the riders on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trial to the center of Saint Johnsbury, but it would also be apart of their efforts to revitalize the riverfront. 

 Joe Kasprzak, the Assistant Town Manager for Saint Johnsbury, says "really, it's industrial down there, but we think it's got kind of a cool feel to it, and if we can get it started, we think that we can gain momentum and really get a push south, towards the south main trailhead center."

Adding this area to the downtown district would be beneficial for business owners, as it would ensure that they are apart of Saint Johnsbury's Tax Incriment Financing (TIF) District. This gives those business owners the opportunity to apply for tax credits and other benefits from the town.