How the Town of Saint Johnsbury Handled This Past Weekends Flooding Event

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ST J FLOODST JOHNSBURY- This past weekend, thanks to warmer temperatures, rainfall, and snowmelt, the Passumpsic River and surrounding tributaries were overrun with excess water. Breaching its banks, the Passumpsic crested to 17 feet of raging rapids, the Passumpsic is considered to be "flooded" once it reaches 14 feet.

Flooding occured throughout the State of Vermont but, the Northeast Kingdom was supposed to face the brunt of it. Upstream in Lyndonville, the Stowe Mountain Rescue was there to assist the water rescue unit that was on call, at the Lyndonville Fire Department. The Northeast Kingdom fortunately, did not recieve as much rain as was forcasted to fall across the region. Although the waters were high, and prompted some road closures, we certainly dodged a bullet. 


In Saint Johnsbury Center, Route 5 was shut down by the Passumpsic Savings Bank, as the river spilled over its banks and across the roadway, eventually becoming too dangerous to pass. Saint Johnsbury Town Manager, Chad Whitehead, says that he is thankful for all of the first responders and dispatch personell who made things happen over the weekend. 

Whitehead explained that "the Fire Department and Dispatch and the Police Department monitored [the situation] closely, and then our Public Works Department was out checking structures, culverts, and what-not to make sure the roads were remaining open."

Whitehead also added that while this storm had higher water levels, the effects felt from the towns perspective, were not as bad as they were from the last storm earlier that week.