NEK Chamber of Commerce Giving Their Annual Plaque A Little Life

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NEK PlauqesST. JOHNSBURY - The Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce will once again be handing out their membership plaques to members within the next month. This year however, members can expect the plaques to look much different than they usually do.

Darcie McCann, the Executive Director for the Chamber, said that they were aiming to make the plaques something exquisite, that caught the eye of not only members of the chamber, but their customer base as well. Typically, the plaques have been pretty basic and made of cardboard. Now, they plan on getting nice hard plastic ones that can be hung up, or placed on counter tops. Instead of getting new ones every year, members will receive a sticker with the current year on it.

McCann expressed that "we constantly want to have things that are relevant and beautiful, that people of all ages, businesses of all ages, want on their counters. That there's an importance to still stay a chamber member. So this is why we decided to do what we're doing."

McCann stated that she plans on hand delivering some of the plaques to business owners in the area.