Upgraded Water Main, Just In Time

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St.J Sewer BudgetST. JOHNSBURY - A water main pipe replacement project that has been a part of the town plan for multiple years now will finally be put into action. The replacement of an outdated six-inch water pipe that runs along Pearl Street in St. Johnsbury has been failing it's water pressure requirements for fire safety standards; this has pushed town governement to move the project to the top of this year's projects since it was postponed from last fall.

Simply put, the project could not have been done last year, becuase the weather turned before they could ensure that the project would be completed in the necessary time. "The project was postponed last year because it started getting too cold," explained Chad Whitehead, the town manager for St. Johnsbury, "we're dealing with water pipes, and its very important that the weather is in good condition, or else there can be a lot of issues with the pipes that can affect deconstruction and the construction and flow of new pipes." However, with temperatures rising quickly in the Northeast Kingdom, Chad Whitehead saw this as the perfect opportunity to finish a long-time project.

 On Monday the 15th, the Town of St. Johnsbury awarded a $115,000 contract to Kirk Fenoff Excavating to replace the water main that supplies sprinkler system lines to multiple businesses located on and around Pearl Street. Another big push to improve the water pressure is that construction is underway at what will become the new St. Johnsbury Distillery, and it would be detrimental to loose the building if some kind of fire were to break out during construction. With the current water pressure, the town would a lot of trouble putting out any kind of fire or blaze that occurred at any of the businesses located in the immediate area. "This project is important for the safety of local businesses on Pearl Street, and local residents as well, the hope is that the project will be underway within the next week." said Chad Whitehead. The project is expected to be completed by May 15th.