Flooding Roads, Towns, and Byways

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floodthumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - A flood warning was issued to the Northeast Kingdom on April 15th, 2019. The river corridor that allows the Passumpsic River to flow through St. Johnsbury had water up to the edge of the banks in some parts of town, and the water had completely overtaken parts of the byway leading out of St. Johnsbury. The flood warning also meant the closure of some roads on the East side of town. Roads close to the river, like Oak Street and Elm Street were closed down at times on April 15th due to impassible water levels that had trickled up onto the road ways. Any drivers or walkers passing by the bridges could notice that the water level had risen atleast two feet from where it normally lies on the river banks. The Passumpsic River has also increased in current as well, normally calm waters have turned somewhat rapid as whitecaps and white water flows can now be seen at multiple points along the river.

Thankfully, there was not a lot of damage that took place due to raised water levels. "Although the water got up pretty high, it didn't really affect a majority of the roadways," said Chad Whitehead, the town manager for St. Johnsbury, "The roads that had to be closed yesterday are already re-opened and safe for travel. All we're hoping now is that the expected rains this weekend don't cause another flash flood situation." However, with rains expected to fall over the weekend of the 19th, local residents, road foremans, and town officials may just have to stay on their toes and be ready to react to rising rapids once again.