Distillery Recognized

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Distillery ThumbnailSt. Johnsbury-Duncan Holaday of Dunc's Mill and St. Johnsbury Distillery were honored with an award from a national distillery organization.

Duncan Holaday was awarded from the American Distillery Institute, and they presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was given to him last week at their ceremony in Denver, Colorado.

This award recognized over two thousand distilleries around the country for their home brewing, on designated remote acreage. Holday started his distillery buisness twenty years ago. Holaday also had one of the first craft distilleries in Vermont. He has created and established roots here in the Northeast Kingdom, and recieving this Lifetime Achievement award is one important way he gives back to St. Johnsbury.

"We rebuilt it in St. Johnsbury and we can't thank the town enough. So if I can add a little bit to it with this, my award I will." said Holaday.

Owner of St. Johnsbury Distillery Brendon Hughes added how distilling is a great way to connect to the community. The town of St. Jonsbury itself has been growing with this distillery, and this summer a new tasting room and bar will be added off of Eastern Avenue.

"There is this distilling bug here...So kinda this mantra you get after you dive into this community, and you start talking to people about distillery. And after experimenting with it, you catch this bug that is really contagious, with people around you that you are talking to about it. Or even if you're on you're own and you're just pasionate about what you wanna produce." said Hughes.

This is the third time St. Johnsbury Distillery was recognized as a distillery from American Distillery Institute, and it was the second award Holday has recieved.